Amended Criminal Complaint



On behalf of the Indigenous People of Greenland, we hereby file a criminal complaint against the current Siumut government of Greenland, the Danish government and parliament for gross violations of the United Nations Declaration, on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

The Greenlandic government representatives and the Danish Parliament were officially served through Narsaq Police department (south Greenland) Friday the 31st of July, 2015; and were duly served with the 13-08-2015 – ENGLISH LANGUAGE AMENDED CRIMINAL COMPLAINT on Friday the 14th of August, 2015.

The charges are for gross violations of United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples of Greenland, and the government/s intentional disregard and violations of the Greenlandic Criminal code-statutes-laws and Danish laws and constitution.

In this case, both governments of Greenland and Denmark, working in concert, clearly and intentionally overstepped their lawful authority and willingly violated, ignored and dissolved Greenland’s (and Denmark’s) long standing Zero Tolerance Uranium Prohibition against any form of Uranium mining or exploration, without referendum or national election/s as required by law. The dissolution of the Zero Tolerance Prohibitions against Uranium in Greenland was premeditated.  The campaign was executed against the expressed wishes of the people of Greenland.

Through a concerted disinformation campaign, based on grandiose lies, intentional misrepresentations by the governing Siumut Party (Progressive-Forward Party) by and through Siumut’s top leadership, representatives, actors and agents, acting with the Greenlandic government’s civil service.  Did willfully act, choosing to fail, abandon and otherwise ignore outcries-demands for accountability from the public, disobeying the will of Greenland’s people and ignoring demands for redress of grievances, responding by and through intimidation and mobbing of individuals perceived by Lars-Emil Johansen as being threats to his establishment, through abusive implementation of state owned media.  Siumut’s government choose instead, to serve their personal interests, pursuit of financial gain at the expense of the people of Greenland, while failing to fulfill their sworn, mandated duties and obligations to serve the people of Greenland with ethics and integrity.

The crime/s, were implemented with the willing participation of certain political party elements-individuals within the Danish government, their civil service, officials-functionaries (embedsmen) and some parliament members.  Who, through their unlawful negotiations and agreements-deals with Siumut’s leadership, consequently planned and usurped due process, by illegally authorizing the removal of certain laws-policies-understandings concerning the prohibition and the dangers of Uranium mining to public health, the continued welfare and survival of the Inuit Nation and the Greenlandic people for generations to come.

The continued preservation of the environmental health of Greenland is an essential part of our collective identity, our sustainable subsistence way of life derived from nature, and is “part and parcel” of our collective culture and national identity, inseparable from our reliance, dependence and continued co-existence and stewardship-protection of Greenland’s pristine environments.  These unlawful acts directly circumvented and threatened our way of life, our rights, our health, and the very existence of all the indigenous people of Greenland.

The Siumut government, through their board of directors, their representatives, actors and agents with the willing participation of the Greenlandic civil service, systematically violated their mandate and authority by ignoring multiple laws, common sense and decency, acting with impunity, without  consent nor mandate, acting with self-serving purposes for personal benefit; while collectively strengthening Siumut’s complete monopoly on all things in Greenland.

They acted willfully, abrogating the representative form of democratic government guaranteed within the Kingdom of Denmark.  In essence, Siumut under Mr. Lars-Emil Johansen has created a Danish government sanctioned “Banana Republic” within the Kingdom of Denmark, where Mr. Lars-Emil Johansen (as top banana) dictates everything and controls everything in Greenland, allegedly allowed to do so by Denmark, in exchange for “contributions” to a select group of political insiders in Denmark.

Siumut’s top leadership, (whether admitted or not) are guilty of malfeasance & nonfeasance, by and through the application of political and social mobbing, to pressure or insure compliance to Siumut’s agenda.  This “influence” is heavy handedly applied through “pressure” (aka Siumut motivation) on the 29 elected (landtinget) representatives and through the civil service, as well as state owned companies, who are collectively the only “real” employer/s in Greenland due to Siumut’s Soviet style monopoly and micromanagement policies, which view non-Siumut owned businesses as a threat (to Siumut Corporation) and unwanted competition.

Unethical politicians in Denmark and Greenland own many businesses in Greenland, mostly “good ol’ boys” networked people (offentlige/civil service, embedsmen/public officials, political business interests) who regularly profit from their “Public Trust Positions”.  They act with impunity, in clear violation of western standards, Political Codes of Conduct, even Good Business Practices.  The politicians regularly profiteer from insider trading, i.e. Greenland resource development contracts, projects financed by the state, for which politicians have foreknowledge; and very often therefore pre-negotiate deals for a slice of the pie, offering to “provide” management or subcontractor “services” at exorbitant fees (paid out by state coffers) as part of their “Siumut Benefits Package” and “Golden Parachute” retirement plan. Siumut is well known for using the “carrot on a stick” approach to reward cooperation.

This is unethical conduct, as politicians, public officials, the civil service are all working in trust positions, and as such must work and serve the interests of the people, “not their own business interests” or “personal bottom line”, using our public trust position/s as a platform to misappropriate our time, money and trust-confidence to serve their own business interests and agendas. This by definition is fraud, willful and intentional theft and fleecing of the public, whom they are hired to serve.  Accountability must be restored.

Matthew 6:24 “No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money.

Opposition to Siumut is immediately confronted.  Followed by systemic mobbing and campaigns designed to discredited all opposition through state owned media (reminiscent of the Soviet Politburo).  Intimidation tactics, wrongful terminations, firings and blacklisting’s are some of the “tools, methods” used by Siumut.  In this way, Siumut gains control to manage all of Greenland’s affairs, resources, wealth, monies, budgets, policies, and micro manages control of all decision making processes, distributions, disbursements of Greenland’s finances, natural resources as well as mineral wealth, wilfully “selling” our resources to foreign corporations for pennies to the 100’s of thousands of pounds (proceeds that apparently newer make it to state coffers).  This is wholesale fraud, which is perpetrated upon Greenland’s people without any possibility to complain, address or correct, without any form of public oversight or accountability.

This is the definition of a Banana Republic (wiki A Banana republic is a pejorative term for a country with a kleptocratic government, often with a primitive economy and sometimes a puppet state of a major power. It is a political science word. It is used for a politically unstable country. Usually, the country’s economy depends on the export of one product. Sometimes fruits or minerals. A banana republic has stratified social classes. These include a large, poor working class and a small ruling class made up of the businessmen, politicians, and the civil service.[1] These people control the Primary sector of the economy. They exploit the country’s economy),

Mr. Lars-Emil Johansen as “self-appointed Generalissimo” runs Greenland as his private kingdom, all with the consent and blessings of the Danish government and their patron business investors around the world (i.e. Goldman Sachs through Helle Thorning and Bjarne Corydon, London Mining PLC, Dong Energy to mention a few) The politicians, and Siumut’s leadership, allegedly, actively, solicit for large “corporate donations” and “finders fees” (paid out to untraceable personal foreign accounts), all without oversight, without public representatives in the government, without any opportunities to redress grievances, even through NGO’s (who typically deny that any corruption exists), as all laws of accountability are promptly removed by political interests, so there is no possible recourse for the People of Greenland and Denmark, except through state owned media.

The government/s, courts, police, public officials, civil service all systemically deny any wrong doing, or simply ignore demands for accountability while accusations of corruptions of stated individuals are almost daily news events.  Reality is that both countries are no longer accountable, as the public servants are busy “doing their own thing” and there is no longer a valid way to demand accountability and change, except from outside influence.

This happened before, during and after Greenland held their very first Greenlandic elections for limited autonomy and home rule, as a self-governing overseas administrative division of Denmark in 1979; when the Uranium prohibition was adopted lawfully through national election/s.  In spite of the prohibitions, the Siumut government knowingly acted contrary to their mandate and stated purpose of existence (to serve the public), working actively against the wishes of the Greenlandic people by circumventing due process in order to violate, negate and dismiss the prohibitions against Uranium (adopted lawfully by the Greenlandic people) for personal profit and benefit.

The Siumut government actively sought foreign investors, promoted, planned, then executed and knowingly encouraged the expansion of unlawful mining of toxic Uranium 235 extraction within Narsaq peninsula and the rest of Greenland.  These acts are in clear violation of the letter of the law as well as the spirit of the law; acting without authority, due process and consent of the Inuit Nation with blatant disregard to the people, violating the Constitution and Home Rule charter… and the indigenous rights and International Human Rights of the People of Greenland.

As the first semi-organized whistle-blowers against the abuses and violations by Siumut and the Greenlandic government arose, it became necessary to notify the public of the government’s criminal misconduct, outright lies and misrepresentations as executed by Siumut and the government. Our protracted letter writing campaigns, articles, commentaries and forums in Greenland’s national paper Sermitsiaq as well as other venues; starting in the summer of 2013, brought these “irregularities” to the “attention” of the public, during and after the Greenlandic parliament elections of 2013.

Our campaign to expose the “irresponsible out-of-control, self-serving Siumut corruption (aka Siumut Corporation)” was achieved (though with limited success) as we disseminated our message and demand for accountability-review of the unlawful actions of Siumut’s government, but to no avail.  The governmental institutions, court, judges and police who are there to act as the people’s only recourse, always dismiss any critique (as a result of Siumut influence peddling), denying any allegations of corruption on the part of Siumut and or the government/s.  The harassment, intimidation and unlawful use of the state owned media and court system to discredit, otherwise hinder, silence or wear down opposition is a well know Siumut tactic in our small community of Greenland.  Anything of interest or public discussion are quickly passed on through “kamik posten” at the speed of gosip, and their sins laid bare for all to see.

There are no legal consequences for misconduct, fraud and corruption in our Banana Republic, their representatives, actors and agents act with impunity, nor is there any lawful-functional means for the people to redress their grievances within the Kingdom of Denmark.  No lawful means to hold Siumut or the two governments accountable, as the civil service (offentlige) systems are now “actively tasked” to protect, dismiss all complaints without serious consideration of standing, law or fact, without any form of due process left open in the kingdom.

Because of our lack-inability to redress our grievances, we clearly state that the below listed actors, working in concert, intentionally, willfully violated the Zero Tolerance Prohibition against Uranium, the actors-parties being:

  1. Siumut, conspired through fraud, with support of 15 of 29 delegates and Greenland’s government & civil service
  2. GME A/S (owned in whole by Siumut party leader Lars-Emil Johansen)
  3. GGG (Greenland Minerals and Energy Limited)
  4. Greg Barnes (Westrip Holding Limited)
  5. With the willing participation of Helle Thorning-Schmidt (former prime minister of Denmark); the actor/s, individually and collectively announced their intentions, plans to push through Uranium 235 mining at Narsaq Uranium mine; In clear violation of Greenland and Denmark’s Zero Tolerance laws. Doing so, expressly without public consultation, public feedback, without a public referendum and national election as required by law, while the partners acted unlawfully, forcing the dissolution of Greenland’s Zero Tolerance Uranium Prohibition, adopted by Greenland and its people through lawful elections.

Greenland fraudulently lost their Zero Tolerance Uranium Prohibition (ZTUP) through concerted efforts by:

  1. Siumut’s influence peddling
  2. Unlawful manipulation (aka suspected bribes, payoffs, ol’ boys network)
  3. intimidation tactics
  4. taking unlawful advantage of Greenlanders trust in public officials (for personal gain)
  5. unlawful, behind closed door deals-negotiations at non-governmental times and places
  6. Through willful fraud, deception and corrupt misconduct; thereby “winning” the Greenland parliament vote by a margin of 1 vote; out of 29 electoral votes of Greenland’s parliament (landstinget) with 14 against and 15 for; in clear violation of the election laws and due process; as this decision could lawfully only be decided by national elections-referendum. The people of Greenland overwhelmingly rejected the dissolution of Greenland’s Zero Tolerance Uranium prohibition with over 80% against, but Siumut and their partners in crime-theft-con pushed through their administrative “coup” against lawful due process, ignoring the laws and wishes of the electoral citizenry.

The premise under which Siumut’s government propaganda (non-factual) publicly stated justification was “that Greenland’s Zero Tolerance Uranium Prohibition must be dissolved in the public interest, to facilitate the development and extraction of rare earth minerals and Uranium by-products”.  The two governments, their representatives, actors, agents and departments, are all law bound signatories to the Nordic Zero Tolerance Uranium Prohibition.  They have now entered into secret negotiations with Mr. Greg Barnes (Westrip Holding Limited) and have acted unlawfully to open the doors for Uranium mining; they have intentionally violated, ignored and dissolved Greenland’s and Denmark’s long standing Zero Tolerance Prohibition against any form of Uranium mining or exploration.  In so doing, they have violated Greenlander’s rights, in violation of United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, resolution 61/295. 107th plenary meeting of 13 September 2007.

Blatantly secret meetings, non-publicized deals-agreements were made behind closed doors at strange times and places, with potential customers found through Siumut’s active solicitation for potential customers-investors-clients; in order to sell Greenland’s waste mineral resources for pennies to the 100’s of thousands of pounds pricing.

Siumut, its agents and actors are allegedly, actively soliciting under the table “corporate gratuities” and “finder fees” placed in untraceable foreign accounts outside of Greenlandic or Danish, E.U. law enforcement agencies purview.  Siumut’s government then promptly rubber-stamps any necessary local approvals, before allegedly forwarding final approval to the Danish parliament for a “cut” of the said gratuities.

All these approvals are given without any adherence to good business practices, environmental protections or any considerations (other than cash), no clean up funds (usually in the billions of pounds) which by western standards are “standard practice”, the funds to be placed in Greenlandic Banks in escrow accounts (which would realistically be Greenland’s sole benefit through accrued interest).  These clean-up funds are there to remediate the environment when the mine is closed, or to facilitate cleanup of toxic leaks.  Toxic leaks from Uranium mining is the rule and not the exception; as “each and every” Uranium mining operation currently in operation in the world has leaked, even though many have been applying stringent controls, destroying the local environment, and the Uranium presents a clear and present danger to the rights, health, safety, life and self-determination and environment of the people of Greenland.

Toxic areas are many times the size of Denmark; large wastelands all over the world from lack of environmental cleanup funds to minimize damage, to restore or remediate the mining affected areas, as every mining business so far “has suddenly” closed when no longer profitable.  They “suddenly file bankruptcy” to avoid the costs involved in restoring the environment; while the executives, owners and agents of said corporations start a new venture somewhere else under a new name, continuing to rape the earth, local people and environments in the process.

Greenland gained full autonomy within the Kingdom of Denmark, based on fraud perpetrated by the Danish government, which dictated that Greenland “give up” its Zero Tolerance Prohibition against any form of Uranium mining or exploration, “in exchange” for self-determination and wilfully conspired, guaranteeing the perpetuation of the current Siumut “Banana Republic” & corruption in Greenland, its agents, and actors within the Danish parliament and government.

  1. United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

Filed on behalf of representing the people of Greenland

Mr. Falke Thue Mikailsen

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