reply to Sermitsiaq (Siumutsiaq) Article: Den ødelæggende debat om 0-tolerance var unødvendig… NOT!…

In reply to the above Sermitsiaq (Siumutsiaq) article:

US-ENG FLAGWell, this stinks of Siumut Banana Republic Desperation! Foreign Special interest “investors” are now worried… that their many “bribes” and “greasing” of Greenland’s Siumut public officials will go down the drain!

We, the People of Greenland did choose 0-Tolerance in one of the very first elections, to be part of the Nordic 0-Tolerance alliance.

Rewriting our history is desperate, even by Siumut’s low standards!

Rewriting our history will not change the facts, and classifying all those documents will not help Siumut, as we already have them. There is a time soon coming when all the members of all previous Siumut governments will be collectively and individually held to account before the world court and the people of Greenland.

I am Speaking as the administrator for, in opposition to “Siumut’s wholesale give-away-our-future party” of all our collective Greenlandic assets and natural resources by and through Siumut and specifically Lars-Emil, and their heavy handed actions, consistent violations of the United Nations charter and the Human Rights violations of their own Greenlandic People… So that Siumut can “sell for a fee” to any company that is willing, able (and can afford) to buy Lars-Emil’s Consultancy fees “Bribes” by and through GME.

Our fight is not only based on the Zero Tolerance issue, it is the whole plethora of violations by Siumut, their range of 41 violations of the Indigenous Rights of the Greenland People by Siumut’s leadership, in their irrational, illogical race to riches… which they naively, wrongly believe will make them the “Nuevo Rich Elite” of Greenland.

We at InuitNation have proven our case, it is already prepared and delivered to the world court and United Nations. We have organized many groups within Greenland and Denmark under our umbrella of InuitNation and our Zero Tolerance policy…and we will be heard!

InuitNation organization was formed in the United States, where we as North American Indigenous People have legal rights to sue our elected officials, as we were “Blocked” in Greenland, Denmark and the collective “Rigsfælleskabet” from forming our organization and have systematically been marginalized in all parts of the kingdom… and it is our mission now to prosecute our former corrupt politicians and send them to jail very soon.

This farce that is the Siumut government will soon be nothing more than a footnote in our history of “What Not To Do”. This Siumut fiasco falls under Inuit growing pains… as we are learning to become self sufficient and self determining!

This is just the beginning for the people of Greenland, but the end of the ending for Siumut!

We are also now publicly announcing that we will form a political party in opposition to the stagnant politics of Greenland since home rule was instituted… So vote for “InuitNation” if you are sick and tired of the endless words, corruption and no action that has been Siumut’s legacy.

May God Bless the People of Greenland and restore His Accountable government.

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