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Ataani atsiortup Naalagaaffiup unnerluussisisuata allaffia attavigeqqammivaa, siullermik oqaluuppara Mette-mik atilik kingulianiluunniit tunniukkusungilaa, assullu inussiarniillunilu suleqatigiumarpassinnangalu suliassanngortitap ujarnissaannut, unalu kisiat angunialugu Naalagaaffiup unnerluussisisuanut Ole Hasselgaard –ri uterfigalunga sianerfigissagaanga. Mette-p kinguneraa oqarasuaat ikerinnarmik ilipiloorneranik, uangalu oqarasuuatitsigut attavigeqqittariaqarlugit, aammaarlungalu sullissisumit isumaginnittup allaffianit oqaloqatiginniniarlunga attavigaakka, tassanilu pissarsiaraara Mads-imik atilik, taasumallu aamma suliassanngortitaq nassaarisinnaanagu, aatsaat atiga inuup normugalu tunniuteqqaarlugit.

Naalagaaffiup unnerluussisisua Mads-i uanniit paasitinneqarpoq naammaagittaaliornissamut piffissaa qaangiutereersoq, Mads-ilu utimoorluni uterfigeqqippaanga oqarluni suliassanngortitaq nassaarisinnaanagu, naak suliareqqitassanngortitaq uunga Politimesteri-mut Morten Nielsen-ip aammalu unnerluusisuni fuldmægtig-i Clerk Adam Fishermann tigoreeraluaraat allakkatsigut tammatsaalisatut nassiussaq.

Naalagaaffiup unnerluussisisuata allaffianut Mads-mut oqarpunga, paasisinnaannagu sooq taama asuliunngitsumik suliffik, soorlu uani naalagaaffiup unnerluussisisuata allaffiani, taama tukatsigisumik ataqatigiimmik aaqqissuusamik ingerlatitsivianniit, soorlu uani asuliunngitsumik suliassanngortitami aallutaqqarlutik. Aamma ingammik oqaatsigiuarsimasara, uani naalagaaffiup unnerluussisisuata Ole Hasselgaard-ip itigartikkaa suliassanngortitaq. Unnerluutiginnininneq ingerlateqqinnerani tiguneqassaaq nunat assigiinngitsut inuttut pisinnaatitaaffiit eqqartuussivianniit.

Mads-i neriorsuivoq uterfigiumallunga paasisaqarneruguni, Mads-ilu oqarfigaara toqqaanartumik saaffigissaagaa politimesteri Morten Nielsen Nuummi, aammalu unnerluussut-ini fuldmægtig-i Adam Fishermann.

Saniatigullu Mads-i kallerippara suliasaq tamaat uninngatiinarneqarsimasoq, (naak nalunngikaluaraat ingerlateqqitassaasoq), unnerluutiginninneq uninngatinneqarsimasoq Narsap politiit allakkanut isaaffiannut, allakallu Narsap politiiniit suli ammarneqarsimanngitsut, suliassanngortitarlu ingerlatinneqarluni, aatsaat uanga nammineerlunga saaffiginninnikkut Narsap politi-anut.

Kiisa ullutsinni najugarisarput kunngeqarfik, suliassanngortitat naalagaaffiannut uninngatiinarneqartalerput, unnerluusisullu naggataatsigut suliassaraluatsik asoorutiinartariaqarlugit, kisianni uani suliassanngortitarput iperaannarnagu malinnaaffigisariaqarparput, nunat assigiinngitsut inuttut pisinnaatitaaffiit eqqartuusivianni aammalu (FN) Naalagaaffiit Peqatigiit allaffiat tikillugu.

Qilanaarpunga tamassi paasitissallusi suliap nanginnera pillugu, aammalu ilimagaara tusarnissara naalagaaffiup unnerluusiviata allaffianiit kingusinnerusukkut ullumi.
Inussiarnersumik inuulluaritsi

Falke Thue Mikailsen

translation by:  Ane-Marie Rosbach Translations



We at Inuit Nation have just now been in contact with the Danish State Attorney or Attorney General Ole Hasselgaard’s office, where I first spoke with a Ms. Mette, who would not tell me her last name.  Mette was very gruff, completely rude and would not in any way cooperate to find my case file nor would she forward a message to ask the State Attorney or Attorney General Ole Hasselgaard to give me a call back.  Ms. Mette ended up slamming the handset, disconnecting me with contempt!  What kind of pompous conduct is that?  is this attitude representative of how the Danish government “employees” function?

I again had to call their office and asked to come in to talk in person with a case worker at the State Attorneys Office.  I spoke with a more pleasant Mr. Mads (no last names given) who could not find my case… nor could he find my case after i first gave him my name and social security number, which i had to dictate to him, in order for him to find our case.

I told Mr. Mads at the Danish State Attorneys office that their appeal response period had expired yesterday.

Mr. Mads said that he could not find my case, including  my original criminal complaint, and my appeal to the Chief of Police in Greenland, a Mr. Morten Nielsen and his not-so-swift prosecuting administrative Clerk Adam Fishermann who had received my original criminal complaint, which was refused by the Greenland authorities (a week before they received it? according to the paper Sermitsiaq) and which we at Inuit Nation then appealed to higher authority (with the Danish State Attorneys office) by and through registered letter to the Chief of Police in Greenland (letter is on our website, which they did receive but apparently failed to forward to the State Attorneys office).

I told Mads in the State Attorneys office that “I do not understand that such a serious place as the State Attorneys office, the national Attorney General’s  office could have such a mess in their systems, when dealing with such serious matters.  Especially  in the light of the fact that when the Attorney General Ole Hasselgaard rejected my case; our criminal complaint and proceeding appeals through the Danish systems would be forwarded to the International Human Rights Court and the High Commissioner for Indigenous Rights at the United Nations”.

Mr. Mads promised me he would give me a call as soon as he knew more.  I suggested to Mr. Mads that it would be a “good idea” for him to directly contact the Chief of Greenland’s Police Mr. Morten Nielsen in Nuuk, and to inquire of his administrative clerk Mr. Adam Fishermann regarding the case.  In either case, the Danish governments public administrative systems FAILED to follow through as required by law, violating our rights to due process within their systems and time frames (yet again).   This was done through delay tactics by either simply pretending to be “stupid, incompetent  or ignorant” or… is this a case of all of the above?

In addition, I indicated to Mr. Mads that the entire case was ignored for 16 days at Narsaq police’s inbox and had not been opened for weeks, yet by the police in Narsaq and my case first came on, I even wrote to Narsaq police and notified them of it.  We are living in a system (kingdom) where “cases” against the state are being intentionally marginalized, ignored or simply violated and denied due process, hoping complainants and their accusations eventually give up their efforts… but that is not the case with Inuit Nation and our case, and we intend to push our case right to the doors of the International Human Rights Court and the High Commissioner for Indigenous Rights at the United Nations.

I am pleased to inform you all about the continuing developments in our case and we expect to hear from the the Danish State Attorney or Attorney General Ole Hasselgaard office later today. ~Inuit Nation~


dk flagUndertegnede har netop nu været i kontakt med Rigsadvokatens kontor, hvor jeg først taler med en Mette som ikke ville oplyse mig sit efternavn, og som var meget bøs og ikke ville samarbejde om at finde min sag ej heller ville få Rigsadvokat Ole Hasselgaard til at ringe mig op retur.  Mette ender med at knalde røret på, hvorefter jeg igen måtte ringe Rigsadvokatens kontor op igen, og bede om at komme i tale med en sagsbehandler ved Rigsadvokatens kontor, her bliver jeg opstillet til en Mads som ikke kunne finde min sag ej heller kunne finde min sag ved at han først skulle have mit navn dikteret og derefter mit personnummer.

Mads ved Rigsadvokaten blev af mig oplyst at klagefristen var overskredet og Mads sagde retur at han ikke kunne finde min sag, trods min anke til Politimester Morten Nielsen og til anklagefuldmægtig Adam Fishermann havde modtaget min anke ved et anbefalet brev.

Jeg siger så til Mads ved Rigsadvokatens kontor at jeg ikke forstår at et så alvorligt sted som Rigsadvokatens kontor jo er, at der ved Rigsadvokatens kontor var sådan rod i systemerne når vi her har at gøre med en så alvorlig sag, og især når jeg hele vejen har sagt at om Rigsadvokat Ole Hasselgaard afviste min sag så ville min anmeldelse indløbe ved internationale menneskerettigheds domstolen.

Mads lovede at vende tilbage når han viste mere, jeg sagde til Mads at han skulle tage direkte kontakt til Politimester Morten Nielsen i Nuuk samt til anklagefuldmægtig Adam Fishermann.

Derudover oplyste jeg Mads at hele sagen blev syltet ved at min anmeldelse lå i 16 dage ved Narsaq politi’s indbakke og slet ikke var blevet åbnet endnu af politiet i Narsaq og min sag først kom videre ved jeg selv rettede henvendelse til Narsaq politi,

Vi er efterhånden ved at bo i et kongerige hvor sager imod staten bliver forsøgt syltet væk, så anklager til sidst opgiver sit forhave, men sådan bliver det ikke med min og vores sag, den skal og må følges helt til dørs ved international menneskerettigheds domstolen og FN’s skrivebord.

Jeg glæder mig til at oplyse jer alle om hvad fortsættelsen bliver i denne sag og forventer at høre fra Rigsadvokatens kontor senere i dag.

Mvh Falke Thue Mikailsen

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