Falke’s facebook account “mysteriously” restored


Facebook group: InuitNation.org  Falke Thue Mikailsen’s Facebook profile was shut down last week, the stated reason being suspicious conduct or content.  After our post of the fact here in InuitNation.org and our Facebook page, the public uproar spread like wildfire through “Kamik Posten” and our other facebook groups, as violations of our collective “ytringsfrihed” threatens each and every one of us!  This situation has proven the lengths to which Siumut is willing to go, to silence any opposition!

The good news today though… 🙂 we received a message from FB stating that we could re-instate his account (which we have done now), with no explanation, making us wonder who acted to restore it, or what “happened” to force Falke’s account to be restored?.  This situation was an embarrassment to the actor/s who did this, but a serious violation of all of our rights to freedom of speech, as we discuss the situation/s in Greenland through our FB groups.  To stop Falke from posting in the groups created serious problems for us, but proved that “Danish Ytringsfrihed” is not so much a law, but more an “elective” law which can be ignored when it suits the politicians and the government.

The lengths to which despot governments are will to go, to silence opposition speaks volumes of the governments.  Actions are louder than words, so as Siumut talks of inane things to us publicly, their actions speak volumes that clearly contradict their words.  Siumut was originally created to be good, but was hijacked by people with negotiable ethics, who only seem to be interested in filling their pockets; and who are only interested in selling the rest of us off to the highest bidder.

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