Now when I’m finding myself in Åland I would like to find out how radioactively polluted this beautiful island is after the Tjernobyl accident.

So, what did I find? Absolutely nothing.

No nations – not even Russia  – are willing to inform us directly about how exposed we are to the radioactive pollution caused by the Tjernobyl accident. No direct data, no results of  risk measurements, no cancer or other health statictics related to the pollution. There is absolutely no data publicly available here in Åland or anywhere else on the planet regarding the pollution after the Tjernobyl accident.

In my search for the data I find out that the scale of radioactive pollution in the countries close to Tjernobyl after the accident was 400 times higher than the pollution after the Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bombs.

Citizens in Åland are currently experiencing a very high rate in deaths caused by cancer, yet no one is talking about it in this place with only 30.000 inhabitants.

I imagine that the situation in the other Baltic countries might be similar. I even read that in Russia doctors are forbidden to refer to the Tjernobyl accident in cases of patients diagnosed with cancer.

Everyone who is voting ‘yes’ to Uranium must know about this. We can only die peacefully when direct data and facts regarding the Tjernobyl and the Fukushima accidents are publicly available.

The more I get to know about Uranium and the effects and aftermaths of the atomic accidents, the more I feel sick about the secrecy and concealment surrounding these accidents. Even the research of the Research Centre Risø and other reports dealing with data from e.g. the Thule accident and citizens’ exposure to Uranium pollution after accidents are highly classified.

And now our Greenlandic and Danish politicians are planning to export much more of that shit out in the world. How I bloody hate Uranium!

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