International News Headlines Great source of ironic amusement


One particular quote from international news articles relating to Greenland mining (lower right side banners) says “successive governments in Greenland have been aggressively promoting the development of a mining industry as a solution to its deep and worsening economic woes”.  Our economic woes is a direct consequence of Siumut’s incompetence, greed and corruption!

This is comical… and a total reflection of the statistically improbable  gross incompetence of Greenland’s successive Siumut government/s!  Statistics will argue that a government body like Siumut would occasionally get “something right”… but where statistics are unbelievably 0% of the time… there MUST BE something else in play!  That something else is called “Money”… and instead of ending in “state” coffers, it simply gets “reallocated” for expensive travel all over the globe, hotels and fine dining, to build fancy homes for politicians, other luxuries and even construction projects costing hundreds of millions that soon only benefit Siumut and its top leadership.  Siumut’s “success” is akin to the Sheriff of Nottingham’s re-allocation of resources (to their own pockets)… as graphically clear in the Robinhood saga!

Don’t get us wrong, we all need money and would like to have a strong economy where all our “public books” balance and have a good size profit to pay for the new investments in our collective infrastructure, modernization construction projects for the benefit of Greenland and its people… but the reality is that Simut has a very poor track record… especially when it comes to proper use of public money!

The primary problem is our one party system where opposition is aggressively threatened, intimidated and mostly silenced through mobbing using government institutions, media, police and court system/s.  Where lawful complaints are immediately sent to be adjudicated through “Simut Long Term Storage” (trash can) and surveillance is immediately started by the “state” against anyone who speaks and questions the status quo. This is the primary reason why Greenland by definition is a Banana Republic… where Lars-Emil Johansen is the top Banana Republic “Generalissimo”.

Siumut’s financial incompetence, problems with the economy… is a reflection of the “graft” that is siphoned off from “state coffers” to finance the extravagant life styles of the corrupt and inept… something Siumut(ter) have excelled in… to astounding heights.  Greenland does not need more profiteering global conglomerates to suck greenland dry for anything of value… while bribing our local politicians with a few pennies to the hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of mineral wealth.

What we need is a new government… we need restoration of accountability, performance standards, integrity, ethics and morals. Then we can build a New Greenland* where all the mining and development are by and through Greenlanders, then build a central ore processing center in Greenland where we can turn those minerals into finished products, and keep the proceeds from the sale of ready made products to the world at large… at fair market prices… the proceeds ending up in state coffers… no re-allocations allowed!  

Foreign investments sought by Siumut and its aparatchiks benefits only Siumut(ter)… not Greenland and its people.  When things go badly… the top leadership will run south to Spain… as they would be excommunicated by the whole population. But… why wait for the next “World Shattering” Siumut inspired environmental disaster before acting? Siumut(ter) have forgotten their mandate and lawful duties and responsibilities, erasing the “public good” clause, with “serving my pocket” and the worst insult of all to Greenland is their absolute lack of forethought, competence, professional conduct, accountability and responsibility to the people of Greenland. Graft, a form of political corruption, is the unscrupulous use of a politician’s authority for personal gain. The term has its origins in the medical procedure whereby tissue is removed from one location and attached to another for which it was not originally intended. Similarly, political graft occurs when funds intended for public projects are intentionally misdirected in order to maximize the benefits to private interests.

New Greenland*  Inuit Nations proposed new system/s, that would restore accountability and a new political electoral process where voting is mandatory for all registered voters and infrastructure construction to enable Greenland to process its own mineral wealth.  Emphasis on environmental sustainability and self reliance for food, housing and energy.


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