InuitNation.Org accepted in DESA’s Civil Society database – We are oficially registered as an NGO-NPO with United Nations with all protections and rights

InuitNation.Org has been in existence for many years, mostly as a lose confederation of like minded grass roots groups demanding accountability and a voice in the governments of Greenland and Denmark.  As is the case with most countries with politically challenged leaders, displaying questionable and negotiable ethics, things quickly become corrupt and the government officials soon become corporate representatives for profit, while they no longer listen to the people they supposedly served.

As recent events have clearly proven, redress of grievances is no longer a possibility or right in Denmark nor Greenland, as the government officials are preoccupied with personal “for profit ventures” to enrich themselves, while busy ignoring the people.   As our criminal complaint was rejected by the police, there was no longer any way for us to demand accountability, so we have done the only thing we could; which is to unify the different groups and make a collective organization called, as there is strength in numbers and we need to hold the governments accountable.  Through the treaties, conventions the governments are signatories to, through the fair practices and civil rights obligations they agreed to follow along with other nations of the world (which are administered by the United Nations); we will sue the governments collectively, and specific government actors personally for their failures and greed .

As a non government organization, as a non-profit organization fighting for our very survival and existence, we have tools that will tie the governments up for years in litigation, using the very means they have systematically used to intimidate and silence us.  We demand accountability, we want to get rid of the corrupt carcass that is Siumut’s legacy of corruption, and in the process demand accountability in Denmark and restore balance and control within our wayward governments, public officials, departments and lax policies.  Laws quietly removed since 1945 need to be restored, to hold government and public servants to higher performance standards, ethics and integrity; while ensuring severe punishments for breaking the public trust contract which is expressed, negotiated and made when officials are hired and start their careers.

Our status will hold the governments accountable, and we have barely started to get organized, but we fight for our lives and will not be satisfied until our Uranium mining prohibition is restored and all our current corrupt politicians are serving their prison sentences in Turkey.  Accountability comes when people get fed up with the non-ending corruption, so it stops now, and we are many, and we are watching and documenting everything the corrupt, ethically challenged politicians, government officials and public servants are doing.



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