Police and Sermitsiaq apparatchik’s misconduct ‘proves’ Siumut influence peddling, anti-democratic mobbing of anyone who challenges the sitting government/s, confirming (yet again) our assertion that Greenland under Siumut is in reality a “For Profit Banana Republic” where the right of Greenland’s Indigenous People are daily violated.. by our government functionaries… simply for profit.

Police & Media lie, manipulation, misrepresentation yet again confirmed!  Our comment’s in Sermitsiaq paper, under the article http://sermitsiaq.ag/node/181371 (yesterday 21 August) was blacklisted, proving that opposition and democratic discourse “is not allowed” in our Banana Republic.  The article stated (rough translation based on meaning) that “the Chief Constables Office has last week rejected a complaint from Falke Thue Mikailsen who opposes Greenland’s Siumut government apparatchik’s unlawful abolition of our zero tolerance prohibition against uranium.  Falke Thue Mikailsen served notice last month (31-07-2015) to both the Parliament and the Government of Greenland, through the police in Narsaq, citing violations of international human rights laws and violation’s of Greenland’s criminal law.  Uranium opponents have rooted against the abolition of our zero tolerance prohibition, as a result of what Falke Thue Mikailsen says is based entirely on a ‘whopping lie to the people’ and ‘untrustworthy politics’ (based on fraud, manipulation and false misrepresentations) from Siumut’s side. The state Attorney Morten Nielsen from the Chief Constables Office, justified the rejection of Inuit Nation’s criminal complaint, citing the issue of Greenland’s ‘zero tolerance prohibition towards uranium’ as a ‘political matter’ and that it should not involve the police interests.”

Sermitsiaq reality    

This fact alone was a complete denial, rejection of our only means of recourse, to redress our grievances within the kingdom of Denmark and Greenland’s political system/s. The fact is, that the police is our one and only means to file complaint, and to deny our criminal complaint without as much as due consideration of the facts and merits of the case proves that Greenland’s Siumut government and their public officials are complicit, and through and by their actions support and render aid to our Siumut Banana Republic, (aka corruption and status quo).

We called the police headquarters in Nuuk (please see emails below, posted last week) and a man (who had to be prompted to identify himself), finally identified himself as Adam Fishermann, claiming during our mobile conversation to be ‘the Chief of Police in Greenland’ (we were unable to verify veracity of title, please see emails to him from us, and his reply), in his reply to our email of thanks, confirming our conversation and content, mr. Fishermann’s reply and title was suddenly ‘Police Prosecutor’.

When the article came out yesterday, we attempted to contact Adam Fischermann, the police chief and other high level police functionaries but our call were not answered, and finally asked for the duty officer, at which time the receptionist outright refused to connect us and slammed down the phone! Mr. Adam Fishermann will no longer answer e-mails or even talk with me? neither will anyone in the Greenland police administration.  The police have arbitrarily rejected our criminal complaint, the police failed to post our criminal complaint as part of the weekly police blotter in Sermitsiaq.  The police failed to give me written notice that our criminal complaint was rejected, learning of the rejection in the paper, but otherwise refusing to publish our complaint/s in full (which is standard practice) and the question is now; if they rejected the criminal complaint last week, why was police prosecutor Adam Fischerman (not police chief) speaking with me? and why did he not tell me in person either through our phone conversation or e-mails?  Why are the facts regarding the timing of their action/s so suspect?

Is it a case of the top levels of the police lying (as proven by Mr. Fishermann’s claim to be police chief), or is it the Greenland national paper Sermitsiag’s top administration? or is it their ‘journalist’ Mads who is lying? “spinning” the story to discredit us, while supporting Siumut?  Are they protecting the massive investments that almost ‘all public officials’ and ‘business owners’ have invested in GMEL junk stocks? this is called a “Conflict of Interest” and who ultimately profits from this scam? this elaborate ‘ponzi scheme’ administered by Hr. Lars-Emil Johansen and his personal GMEL, disseminated through the Siumut apparatchik to Greenland’s public officials, partners and investors; who are all hoping one day to sell uranium to China, for their massive nuclear weapons manufacturing project.

Siumut reality

Who in the Greenland and Danish government profit by this fraud? perpetrated on the People of Greenland in violation of their indigenous rights?  who will profit? is it Helle Thorning Schmidt and Bjarne Corydon? high level Danish public officials (embeds men) and Siumut members with cash to invest? Greenland as is; is in reality a “for profit corporation” run by top level government officials who do business with large corporations around the world, anyone with lots of cash willing to ‘donate’ to their accounts ‘for services rendered’.

Is this the reason why our criminal complaint to the police, against our two governments and previous governments were arbitrarily rejected? is this why all public comments in forums in Sermitsiaq are blocked, blacklisted? is this why any opposition to corruption, sale of ‘anything of value’ by Siumut is blocked, discredited, stopped before it can gain traction or attention of outside media? Reality is there is NO LAWFUL MEANS to file a complaint and get an honest review…. as Greenland is a de facto “for profit Banana Republic” where Siumut and its supporters are the only beneficiaries; where the People of Greenland are systematically exploited and robbed of their vast natural resources for pennies to the hundreds of thousands of pounds. The People of Greenland will be forced to live with the legacy of Siumut’s greed and dire consequences, environmental pollution, public health threats, radiation poisoning etc. where even basic human rights are systemically denied and our collective wishes for transparency and accountability are aggressively fought by our out-of-control government, using our very own tax money to silence our opposition!

blacklisting 1blacklisting 2

See here the comments from Falke Thue Mikailsen of InuitNation.org in response to the article, yet if you look at the Sermitsiaq link itself, all of Falke’s comments are gone, yet on his facebook acount they are visible, as seen in the screen captures above.  This means that Sermitsiaq has intentionally blocked anyone who is critical of Siumut or their agenda, so how many thousands of other comments are ‘screened out’ so Siumut looks good? Sermitsiaq intentionally manipulates public perception as ‘approvals’ by the population, though over 80% are against Siumut insanity. Any serious negative comment is always blocked!  Welcome to Lars-Emil’s Banana Republic! Where you keep your mouth shut, don’t make any waves or resist Siumut (or Sermitsiaq will edit you out or the police will silence you).


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