siumut and Danish government/s attacks Inuit nations “Ytringsfrihed” by closing our facebook accounts, unlawful suppression of our freedom of speech & rights!


Our facebook profiles were shut down today! We use social media, in particular facebook as our dissemination channel for our members, using the accounts as public forums in our fight against the unlawful removal of our Uranium Prohibitions.  We have asked for review of facebook’s reasons for closing our profiles through the U.S. Department of Justice, under the freedom of information act, a concept that is sorely lacking in Greenland, where everything is “classified” to anyone not an apparatchik in the Siumut Uranium ponzi scheme.

We are particularly interested to know who in the Greenlandic and Danish governments ordered this attack on our collective “Ytringsfrihed” or Freedom of Speech.  Who in the obsequious Danish police demanded our profiles to be shut down? as this could not happen unless it was “ordered” through “official” channels. We expect to know within a couple of weeks. These despicable violations of the Rights of the Indigenous People of Greenland, just exposes the maggot infested Siumut corruption in our Arctic Banana Republic!

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